[Windows10] How to change and customize the Start Menu of Windows 10 to Windows 7 with Classic Shell

By | October 30, 2017

On Windows 8, there is no start button, it was very disappointed. In Windows 10, the Start button has been resurrected, but the live tiles are somewhat disturbed.

If you miss the start button and the start menu which had been installed up to Windows 7, How about Classic Shell?

The Classic Shell has a retro start menu for Windows 7 and a skin for the start button.

Class Shell

Classic Shell to introduce this time includes the start menu and the skin function of the start button reprinted version, you can freely set the pattern of the start menu to a certain extent.

Download and install the setup file

▼ First, go to the download page below, and click the Download Now! button.


Class Shell

▼ Next, when the download is completed, double-click the setup file stored in the download folder to perform the installation. Class Shell Setup windows is displayed. click 1Next button.

Class Shell

▼ The License Agreement window is displayed.

Class Shell

1 check I accept the terms in the License Agreement.

2Click the Next

Choose Which to install the Classic shell features, and “Classic Start Menu” is the default setting.

Class Shell

1 Probably here is no problem without installing anything other except “Classic Start Menu. If you want updates, install “Class Shell Update” as well.

2 Click the Next button.

▼ Are you ready to install? Click the 1Install button to start the installation.

Class Shell

▼ The User Account Control(UAC) window is displayed whether to allow you to install the program. Click 1Yes button.

Class Shell

▼ The Setup completed immediately. Click 1Finish button to complete it.

Class Shell

Setting the Skin

▼ Next, When clicking Start button in Windows 10, the following window will be displayed. If not, click Classic Start Menu Settings on the Start menu.

Class Shell

1It Show all settings option by checking Show all settings.

2Click Start Menu Style> tab,There are three types of start menu design: Classic style Classic with two columns Windows 7 style

3Select Select Start Menu Style.

4Click OK button.

▼ If you need it, select 1Language” tab in the setting options of Classic shell, and specify 2“Language” you want to.

▼ Click 3Check for Updates” tab in the setting options of Classic shell, and click 4Click here to install it“.

Class Shell

4 To install the latest updated langage, click “Click here to insall it“. When completed, you will see a message as shown below. Click OK

Class Shell

▼ The following message is displayed. You will need to exit and then re-open the Retro Start menu to reflect the items you set above.

Class Shell

▼ 1Right-clicking on the Start button, you can open and close the Classic Shell’s Start menu.

Class Shell

▼ When you click the Start button, Classic Start Menu Style of Classic Shell is displayed as shown below.

Class Shell

1If you want to return to Start Menu of Windows 10, click “Start Menu(Windows)“.

If you want to go to the Class Shell start menu again, click Start button.

▼ The start menu on the display as below looks like Windows 7. The following start menu is the screen with skin set to “Windows Aero“.

Class Shell

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