Entering password is outdated? How to login to Windows 10 with a PIN Security

By | October 30, 2017

In Windows 10, there are two types of User account when logging in to PC, a traditional Local account, and Microsoft account with Microsoft’s Online service.

Windows 10 recommends Microsoft accounts, and it is also recommended that you use a PIN, short for Personal Identification Number, to increase security.

Local and Microsoft accounts

First, the traditional Local account is a way to register user ID and password on your PC and use it when logging in to Windows.

If it is not stolen or peeped by someone else, it may be safe. However, for local accounts, you can not use online services such as games, mail, and data storage provided by Microsoft.

Of course, if you have a separate “Microsoft Account“, you can use Microsoft Accounts to access Microsoft Online Services even if you log in as a local account on your PC.

On the other hand, the “Microsoft account” can be used to log in to your account from any PC because the user ID and password are stored on the Microsoft server.

However, if a malicious third party steals your user ID and password information and logs in unauthorizedly, it is likely that Microsoft Online Services, for example, important data information such as OneDrive or mail, will be stolen.

However, I think there is an individual differences(disagreement) about whether the local account is safe. If you live alone and use your PC offline, you may be safe without being afraid.

Actually, if you surf the web or you survive a dangerous eyes such as viruses and spyware, or infect your computer with a virus, there is a danger that personal information will be leaked, so installation of antivirus software is now essential.

Is the PIN code safe?

PIN code” is an abbreviation of “Personal Identification Number“. It is a security tool used in smartphones and so on.

In recent years, PIN code entry has been introduced as a security measure to prevent unauthorized use of your account.

If so, is Windows10’s PIN setting 100% safe? I think that it is not necessarily safe to say from a personal opinion. I am afraid I can not say that it is a safe security measure at all.

Safer than Local or Microsoft accounts

At least, it’s safer than local accounts or Microsoft accounts above.

A PIN code is a password that is valid only for certain computer devices, such as a person’s social security number.

Even if the email address and PIN code you use for your Microsoft account is stolen by someone, it can not be logged on with a PIN code from another PC. It is safer than using a Microsoft account password with a simple password.

Setting a PIN code

▼ When the “Microsoft account” registration is completed, the following PIN Setting screen appears. If you want go one step further in “Microsoft Accounts”, click 1Next to get the PIN code.

Because your PIN only works with this device, Unlike passwords, which you might use to access all sorts of accounts, your PIN is unique to this device. The PIN is useless to distant hackers.

[Windows 10] PIN code Setting

To set the PIN code at a later time, click 2Skip this step” to finish creating your Microsoft account.

▼ After clicking Next button above,The properity of Set Up a PIN is displayed, so you must create a minimum of 4 or more digits for the pin code. It is recommended that you do not combine simple numbers which can be broken easily.

After entering the 1new PIN and Confirm PIN, click 2OK button.

[Windows 10] PIN code Setting

▼ As shown below, you can see that a 2PIN was created successfully in the 1Sign-in option” tab.

[Windows 10] PIN code Setting

Formally creating PIN

▼ As below, press Shortcuts Windows + I key, or click Start button > Windows Settings.

▼ Click 1 Accounts below

[Windows 10] PIN code Setting

▼ Currently you are logged in as a Microsoft account. Click 1Sign-in Options tab, and then click 2Add button of PIN on the right side.

[Windows 10] PIN code Setting

▼ If it is necessary to check the password of your Microsoft account again as shown below , “Please reenter your password” will appear.

Enter the 1password for Microsoft account, and then click 2Sign in button.

[Windows 10] PIN code Setting

▼ The PIN Setting appears. Windows 10 recommends entering a PIN code of four digits long at least.

After entering the 1new PIN and Confirm PIN, click 2OK button. The PIN setup is finished.

[Windows 10] PIN code Setting

▼ As shown below, you can see that a 2PIN was created successfully in the 1Sign-in option” tab.

You can Change PIN code or Remove it if you do not need it.

[Windows 10] PIN code Setting

▼ If you enter the PC login screen again, you can see that the login setting has been changed so that you can enter the 1PIN code instead of the password.

[Windows 10] PIN code Setting