How to check Wireless network Wi-Fi and Network security key at Command prompt

By | October 31, 2017

The wireless Network security key(encryption key) is the password required for the user’s PC to connect to a secure access point (such as a router) on the wireless network.

▼ The Wi-Fi key is usually written on the back of the wireless LAN router.

【Windows10】wireless Network security key

▼ 1Network security key: Instead of PIN, you enter the network security key as below.

[Windows10]LAN(WI-FI) PIN and Network Security Key

2SSID: The Network name of the wireless LAN router, Buffalo-G-41B2 as above.

3PIN: You need to enter the PIN of SSID when connecting to the network by a Wireless LAN in Windows 10. Usually, entering 8 digits.

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How to check the PIN or the network security key(encryption key) of the wireless LAN (WI-FI) connected to the PC

Here’s how to check the router’s security key (encryption key) at the command prompt.

Starting the Command Prompt

▼ Pressing the shortcut key Windows + X keys, the following Context Menu is displayed. Click 2Command Prompt.

Or right-click on the Start button, and click 2Command Prompt.

【Windows10】Command Prompt

After Windows 10 Creators Update(version 1703), Command Prompt on the right-click menu of Start Button is missing.

Windows Powershell” has become the default shell tool. You can check how to switch to the missing”Command Prompt” in the following post.

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Check your network security key

▼ Enter the following 1Command Line, and press theEnter key.

1netsh wlan show profile name=”SSID” key=clear

【Windows10】Command Prompt

As a result, 2Key Content:Alphanumeric password of the Network security key is displayed.