Bluetooth device being paired not connected on PC? Reconnect to Bluetooth – Windows 10

By | November 5, 2017

Once connected, devices(Smartphone and PC) are “connected” to each other as long as no errors occur.

Sometimes, as shown below, Bluetooth setting on PC has suddenly changed to “Paired” from “Connected”. Why?

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth


It is switched to “Paired” in the “connected” state, when something goes wrong, such as turning off the power of another connected device(in this case, smartphone) or turning the Bluetooth” OFF“.

Not return to connected from Paired ??

The problem is that even if you back the Bluetooth function of Smartphone to “ON” in order to recover to “connected” on PC, it continues to stay in Paired on PC where it became “Pairied” once.

▼ Bluetooth on PC is displayed “Paired”, and there is only 1Remove device button.

【windows10】Blouetooth paired

How to reconnect …?

Then, is there any way to get back to “Connected” again? For example, if there is something to re-connect in the properties of the device, anyway move to the setting location as shown below.

If the Bluetooth of smartphone is “OFF”, back it to “ON”.

▼ As below, press Windows + R key to open Run, and enter 1control or C:\Windows\System32\control.exe in the text box. Click 2OKbutton.

[Windows10]Windows 10 Creators Update

After Windows 10 Creators Update(version 1703), Control panel item disappeared from the right click menu of Start Button. You can check how to start the control panel from the following link.

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▼  Next, 1View by: Large(small) icons, and then click 2Devices and Printers.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▼ Right-click on stsmartphone device and click 1connect using > Access point. Then, try to connect with 2Bluetooth Network Connection : Connecting….

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▼ Switch to the “Connection succeeded” display, the device also changed from “Paired” to 1Connected“.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▼ Unfortunately, for some reason, it back to the status of 1Paired” again, and as a result, failed.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

Data transmission is OK?

Is it not possible to send or receive data between PC and smartphone in “Paired”? When trying, surprisingly succeeded.

Maybe it does not seem to affect to send and receive the data between devices.

Then, we will first “disable” the PC’s Bluetooth device and make it available again.

▼ The connection status to the current PC is “Paired” as follows. However, the sending and receiving of data with Bluetooth function of smartphone and PC is actually “ON”.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

What is the obvious connection method?

The troublesome attempt above was experimental, and you can easily reconnect using “Action Center“.

Reconnecting from Action Center…?

Maybe you can easily back to the “Connected” status by simply clicking Bluetooth tab in Action Center.

▼ Click Bluetooth tab in order, as shown below.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▲  In the “Paired” statue above, Bluetooth is 1“Not connected”, but once you tap the tab, Bluetooth turns 1OFF” as shown below. Bluetooth will be 2disalbed.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▼ Bluetooth also turns 1OFF” in “Windows Settings” as shown below.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

Pressing the tab again, Bluetooth will try to connect to your smartphone, so it becomes 1connected and simply connects to your 3smartphone(here, Xperia Z2) above.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

Temporarily “Disable” in Device Manager

▼ First, Right-click on Start button and click 1Device Manager” in the Context Menu.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▼ Device Manager window opens as shown below. Here right-click on the Bluetooth device(“Dell Wireless 1703 Bluetooth”) and click 1Disable device.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▼ Message will be displayed as Disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning. Do you really want to disable it?. Click 1Yes button.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▼ Bluetooth device has become “invalid”.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▼ 1Bluetooth is turned off in “Windows Settings”.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

Turn “Bluetooth” device “enable” again

▼ Right-click on Bluetooth device(here, “Dell Wireless 1703 Bluetooth”) and click 1Enable device.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth


▼ Back to 1Connected.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

Other ways…

Once restart Windows in “Paired”, you may back to “Connected”. If it still does not work, click Remove device in Bluetooth Settings and restart setup from the beginning.

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