How to check the model number of Motherboard Mainboard of PC in Windows 10

By | November 14, 2017

The motherboard (Mainboard) refers to the electronic circuit board that is the core of the PC equipped with the main internal components such as CPU, chipset, memory, and PCI slot.

In general, when purchasing a PC, it is necessary to check the specifications of the PC before purchasing, but once you start using it, you tend to forget about the hardware specifications of the PC naturally.

You may have a bad experience that when have been using it for a long time, your PC is getting worse and with an error message on PC monitor suddenly.

In addition, for the upgrade of the PC such as addition and replacement of parts, for example, when the video card(graphics card) is replaced, it takes time to check the compatibility with the PC.

So if you know the PC motherboard model name in advance, it becomes easy to respond when there is any accident.

Of course, in case of emergency, you can check the number by opening the lid of the computer main body.

《1》Checking with DirectX Diagnostic Tool

The easiest way is to examine it on Windows. Using the “DirectX Diagnostic Tool“, you can easily find the specifications of your PC.

▼ As follows, typing 1dxdiag in the Windows search box and click 2dxdiag.


▼ Or, press shortcuts Windows + Rkey and open “Run“. Enter 1dxdiag in the text box, and click 2OK button to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool


▼ Click 1Yes button.


▼ In the “System” tab below , you can check the basic 1System Information of your computer such as the type of operating system(OS), main board, processor(CPU) and memory.

You can identify the model and Manufacturer in “System Manufacturer” and “System Model” on your PC, but the information below is not enough.

In addition, the “system model” changes depending on the motherboard mounted by the PC used.


《2》Checking it at the command prompt

▼ Pressing shortcut Windows + Xkey as below, Context Menu is displayed. Click 1Command Prompt.


After Windows 10 Creators Update(version 1703), Command Prompt on the right-click menu of Start Button is missing.

Windows Powershell” has become the default shell tool. You can check how to switch to the missing”Command Prompt” in the following post.

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How to display the missing “Command Prompt” on Right-Click Context Menu

▼ Or, to open a command prompt, press the Windows + R key of the keyboard to open the “Run” as a shortcut key, and then typing “cmd” into the search box, and press OK button.

turn off the power of the PC

▼ Or, as shown below, typing 1cmd” in Windows search box next to the Start button, and then click 2Command Prompt.

turn off the power of the PC


▼ Typing 1systeminfo” command, press the Enter key to display all information about your computer.

However, the essential 2motherboard information does not differ from the result of “DirectX Diagnostic Tool” above.


wmic baseboard get product

▼ Entering command line 2wmic baseboard get product” as follows, press Enter key.

Now, the motherboard model name has been confirmed. In the following cases, 2“0YJPT1”.


wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber

▼ For more information, use the command line 1wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber.

The 2manufacturers, model numbers, serial numbers, versions, and so on. are shown.


《3》Checking with BIOS

BIOS is an abbreviation of “Basic Input/Output System“. It is the basic program for starting up the PC contained in the motherboard.


▼  For reference, in the above, BIOS version ‘A06’ is recommended to download and update the latest version from the manufacturer’s website in case of old version.

▼ Update the previous BIOS version ‘A06’ to the latest version ‘A12’ as follows.


▼ When updating the BIOS, it is recommended that you close other applications and run them safely.


《4》Use free software to get a detailed hardware information

We have checked all of the above methods, but we could not get a satisfactory results, There is a way to check your motherboard model with a free software that can check all the information about your PC.

Here are two free software.

Piriform Speccy

As described above, you can see all information of PC such as CPU, memory, video card, hard disk as well as main board at a glance.

The great thing about this software is that you can see the temperature of each component that is currently moving within the computer, as shown in the main screen below.


▼ You can download the free version from the following site.




If you install the following software, you can check the details of the PC as above.



So check your PC specification in the way you want. If you need only brief information, it is best to look at “Command Prompt“.