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How to check icon number of icon list : shell32.dll and imageres.dll icon storage file in Windows 10

123 On Windows, icons that symbolize the application, folders, files, shortcuts, etc. are displayed in an easy-to-understand manner. Icons on Windows 10 Usually, icons are stored in the .ICO file. Many Windows icons are displayed in the form of application, folder, file, shortcut, and there are many unique icons appropriate for each. However, because it… Read More »

How to change the icon image using a original image in Windows 10

123 Icon included in executable file(.exe) On Windows, the executable file(.exe) contains icons suitable for it. Let’s take a look at Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer: IE), for example. ▼ First, click 1Browse… button to find the location where the IE executable file is stored. ▼ You arrive at the place where the IE executable file is located… Read More »