How to change the icon image using a original image in Windows 10

By | October 30, 2017

Icon included in executable file(.exe)

On Windows, the executable file(.exe) contains icons suitable for it. Let’s take a look at Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer: IE), for example.

▼ First, click 1Browse… button to find the location where the IE executable file is stored.

[Windows10]Icon of Folder

▼ You arrive at the place where the IE executable file is located as follows and select the file.

Type is Application.

[Windows10]Icon of Folder

Select the IE executable file1iexplore.exe and click 2Open button.

▼ Right-click on the file 1iexplore and click “Properties”, you can see that it is an executable file(2Application(.exe)) as shown below.

[Windows10]Icon of Folder

▼ By selecting the executable file (iexplore.exe) above and clicking Open button, the path of the file storage location 1C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe as shown below. Internet related icons are lining up.

▼ Here, Select the appropriate 2icon and click 3OK button.

[Windows10]Icon of Folder

Selecting the created icon

In Windows, the path of the storage location where the existing icon is located to %SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll as defaults.

As below, how to create and use the original icon without using the default icon.

First of all, the image file needs to be an ICO format.

Creating an icon

▼ In the image-making software, make an image in a favorite form as shown below and save it as an icon file(.ico).

[Windows10]Icon of Folder

Selecting original icon

The next step is easy. Proceed in the same way as above.

▼ First, click1Browse… button on Change Icon for a Folder window.

[Windows10]Icon of Folder

▼ Move to the place where the created original icon file is stored , select the corresponding1icon file, and click 2Open button.

[Windows10]Icon of Folder

▼ As shown below, 1the path of storage location is changed. Confirming the selected icon and click 2OK button.

[Windows10]Icon of Folder

▼ Confirm 1icon image and click 2OK button.

[Windows10]Icon of Folder

As a result, it changed to the original icon as shown below.

[Windows10]Icon of Folder