Fix duplicate Hard Drive or USB flash Drive icon in Windows File Explorer

By | November 6, 2017

When opening Windows File Explorer in Windows 10, you will see duplicate Hard drive or USB drive icons at the navigation tree on the left side.

Especially, when inserting a Removable disk such as a USB flash drive into PC, such a phenomenon occurs.

▼  It shows 1two external hard drive icons in File Explorer as below. Now let’s remove one and show only one drive icon.

[Windows10] remove duplicate hard drive

Starting Registry Editor

▼  First, press Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog box as shown below. Enter 1regedit in the text field, and click 2OK button.

Windows remove duplicate hard drive

▼ It will show the User Account Control(UAC) window to allow you to open the Registry Editor. Click 1Yes button.

【Windows10】remove duplicate hard drive

▼ The Registry Editor window opens. First, navigate to the path below.


[Windows10]remove duplicate hard drive

▼ Next, click a sub-key names as {F5FB2C77-0E2F-4A16-A381-3E560C68BC83} that belongs to DelegateFolders key. By deleting a sub-key will only show only one drive icon in File Explorery.

Backup Registry

▼ Before deleting a sub-key above,it is recommended that you back up the registry key to be safe. After selecting 1DelegateFolders key, click File menu > 2Export… and save it with the proper name.

[Windows10]remove duplicate hard drive

▼ Right-click 1{F5FB2C77-0E2F-4A16-A381-3E560C68BC83}, and click 2Delete button.

[Windows10]remove duplicate hard drive

▼ The Confirm Key Delete window opens as shown below. Click Yes button to delete a sub-key.

[Windows10]Windows remove duplicate hard drive

▼ The Setting is finished. Close the Registry Editor.

[Windows10]Windows remove duplicate hard drive

Check results

▼ Next, confirm Whether it is working properly. When opening Fil Explorer, you will no longer see any duplicate drives. You will see 1only one icon of the hard disk drive that was duplicated.

[Windows10]Windows remove duplicate hard drive

Restore: Import Registry Files

You can restore the original registry using the file(.reg) you backed up above. The deleted Registry sub-key will be added by importing a registry file(.reg) into the Registry Editor.

▼ Click File > 1Import….

[Windows10] remove duplicate hard drive

▼ In the Import Registry File dialog box, browse and select a 1Registry file(.reg) you backed up above, and then click 2Open.

[Windows10]Windows remove duplicate hard drive

▼ Click 1OK button.

[Windows10] remove duplicate hard drive

▼ As a result, The duplicate drive icon is displayed.

[Windows10] remove duplicate hard drive