How to disable and hide the event calendar & the scheduling timeline shown in notification area

By | October 31, 2017

As a schedule management function in Windows 10(build 14393), you can check the main schedule and events of the day on the clock & calendar in the notification area.

However, there is a possibility that others may see your private schedule. If this schedule information is unnecessary, you can hide it.

Usually, when you click “Clock and Date” as below, you can see the event schedule of the day.

If the calendar calendar has not yet been created,Press the 1Get started button to start the creation of the 2calendar.

[Windows10]disable and hide the event calendar

Hide event calendar

If you do not need an event calendar, you can deactivate it as follows:

▼ Press Shortcuts Windows + I key to launch Windows Settings, and click 1Privacy.

[Windows10]disable and hide the event calendar

▼ Click 1Calendar tab on the left side and switch the Windows toggle button from “On” to 2Off” in the right pane.

[Windows10]disable and hide the event calendar

▼  As a result, the following schedule is no longer visible.

[Windows10]disable and hide the event calendar

Blocking access from Apps

▼ Alternatively, by switching the toggle button of “Let apps access my calendar” to 2OFF” from “ON” in 1Calendar” tab, 3Windows application is blocked and the schedule table is hidden.

[Windows10]disable and hide the event calendar