Forgotten password! How to check the PIN or the network security key(encryption key) of the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connected to the PC

By | October 31, 2017

Wi-Fi refers to Wireless LAN technology that connect wireless network to the devices such as PCs, smart phones, and tablets. Usually, you use Wi-Fi via a Wi-Fi router at home or at work.

Recently, Public wireless LAN spots (free Wi-Fi spots) are available free of charge for everyone and can be used conveniently anywhere.

However, as a big problem, only the increase in free Wi-Fi has increased the number of hacking crimes to illegally steal personal information of people using it. Because free Wi – Fi is very weak for security. You need to be careful when using free public Wi-Fi.

PIN and Network security key(Encryption key)

So, Wi-Fi security is more important than anything else. When you purchase a Wi-Fi router, The Router Label with the PIN and Network security key(Encryption key) is attached to the side of the main body as shown below.

▼ Both the PIN and the Network security key are valid for the wireless LAN connection. By setting a security key on your wireless LAN, you can prevent unauthorized access from outside.

[Windows10]LAN(WI-FI) PIN and Network Security Key

▼ 2SSID: The name of the wireless LAN router, Buffalo-G-41B2 as below.

3PIN: You need to enter the PIN of SSID when connecting to the network by a Wireless LAN in Windows 10. Usually, entering 8 digits.

[Windows10]LAN(WI-FI) PIN and Network Security Key

▼ 1Network security key: Clicking 1Connect using a security key instead of PIN as above, you enter the network security key as below.

[Windows10]LAN(WI-FI) PIN and Network Security Key

Although it is attached to the Wi-Fi router itself, the manufacturer may separately prepare the card type that contains the QR Code for Wi-Fi connection on the smartphone .

Scanning QR code for Wi-Fi connettion to a smartphone, you can easily set up your smartphone. It is essential to strengthen security, so please keep it carefully..

I forgot my encryption key!

By the way, if you accidentally lost this important security key….

Of course, there is no problem because it is attached to the body of Wi-Fi router, and it is okay to remember the confirmation method of the following Network security key in case of emergency.

Windows settings

▼ On the start screen, click Start > Windows Settings, or, press the shortcts Windows + I keys, and click 1Network & Internet.

[Windows10]LAN(WI-FI) PIN and Network Security Key

▼ Next, click 1Wi-Fi tab > 2Network and Sharing Center.

[Windows10]LAN(WI-FI) PIN and Network Security Key

▼ Click 1Wi-Fi on the right.

[Windows10]LAN(WI-FI) PIN and Network Security Key

▼ Or, after clicking 1Change adapter settings on the above Left, and in the “Network Connections” window, 1right-click “Wi-Fi” and click 2Status.

[Windows10]LAN(WI-FI) PIN and Network Security Key

▼ In the “Wi-Fi Status” window, click the 1Wireless Properties button.

[Windows10]LAN(WI-FI) PIN and Network Security Key

▼ On the wireless network properties window, clicking 1Security tab, 2Network security key is shown and password is not displayed as “●”.

[Windows10]LAN(WI-FI) PIN and Network Security Key

▼ Check 1Show characters beneath “●”. Now, you can see the 2Network security key. This key now in use.

[Windows10]LAN(WI-FI) PIN and Network Security Key