Useful keyboard Shortcuts Keys in Windows 10

By | October 30, 2017

+ Snap Window

If you open multiple applications on a single monitor screen, there is a limit to the size of the display, which makes it difficult to use them because the windows overlap each other.

Although it is good to arrange applications so that they do not overlap by using a mouse, it may be an effective and good way to use Snap function which displays up to 4 screens of the monitor that arranges the windows uniformly.

Drag window with mouse

For example, when multiple windows are open as shown below, dragging an application or window with the mouse to the right or left edge of the monitor screen, and when the mouse pointer touches the edge of the monitor screen, the screen is divided into two parts as shown below.

The big screen is the window that the mouse is currently dragging, and the small screens are the other windows.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

▼ Furthermore, using the keyboard’s Windows + the arrow keyboard for the the selected window, you can use it to divide the four windows uniformly as shown below.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

▼ The following is an image divided into 4 different window sizes on a wide monitor.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

The arrow keys on the keyboard are simple to use. The currently active application/window, etc. is arranged by holding down Windows and press the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to move the window or program window.

However, in order to use the snap function, it seems that the display has a resolution enough to divide the screen into a display resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels or more.

The snap function is, you can set it in the Start > Windows Settings > System > Multitasking.

▼ In the “Snap” section on the right side, 1Arrange windows automatically by dragging them to the sides or corners of the screen” as shown below, if you change this toggle biutton to Off, all snap functions will be invalidated.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

+ Home

If the screen is cluttered due to overlapping windows and application programs, and the application is currently difficult to use it, by pressing keyboard Windows + Home key, using this shortcut will make all windows except the current (program) window are minimized and hidden from the monitor screen.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Alt + Tab

This shortcut is convenient when you have multiple windows or apps overlapping and it is difficult to distinguish which window you are working on, or when you want to switch tasks to a different application.

Pressing Alt + Tab key, all opend windows will be aligned in the center of the monitor screen. Here, while moving in order by 1the direction key , and the window you want to work on, and press the Enter key to decide it.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

+ D

When you want multiple windows to open, minimize them all and hide them from the monitor screen, you may use the mouse minimize window icon or close icon . This is quite a troublesome work to click and close each one by one.

If so, by pressing the keyboard Windows + D key, all currently opend applications and windows are arranged on the desktop at once.

If you want to display all the minimized windows on the desktop again, just press keyboard Windows + D key. It will be displayed again.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

The same function with pressing keyboard Windows + D key is that, when clicking narrow and slender space in the end of the notification area of the taskbar as shown below, all opend windows will be minimized.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys