How to Synchronize Date and Time with an Internet time server in Windows 10

By | October 31, 2017

In Windows 10, the current time is displayed at the bottom of the right end. When you click 1date and time, the calendar will be displayed.

Windows10 setting of time

On Windows 10, the date and time settings are either set by directly clicking on the display time on the monitor or setting from the control panel. The both of setting is the same, only the way to reach the setting is just different.

Open from display time

▼ First, the easiest time setting method is to click on the display time of ​​the system tray at the lower right of the monitor screen, as shown below.

Windows10 setting of time

▼ 1Right-click the digital time, and click 2Adjust date/time.

Windows10 setting of time

▼ The following is the basic settings. If the time setting is troublesome, you can set Set time automatically on, the current time will be displayed without problems.

In Windows 10, since Microsoft’s time synchronization server is specified as the default default setting, it is not necessary to make any changes unless the display time is quite different.

▼ The default setting of a display time is 1Set time automatically.

Windows10 setting of time

If you still want to adjust manually, change the toggle switch from “On” to “Off” in 1Set time automatically in the above picture, and the 3Change date and time is activated. You can set the time by pressing Change button.

2Set time zone automatically defaults to “Off”. If you change the toggle switch from “Off” to “On”, the “Time Zone” below it will be disabled with the display of the current region.

For example, if the country or region where the user lives is different from the time zone setting area of ​​Windows, if you set 「Set time zone automatically」 to “On”, it will be changed to the local time zone of the actual live area.

▼ In the above figure, if you click Change button of a activated3Change date and time, the following 「Date and time change」 is displayed. You can change to the exact current time.

When you are finished, Click the 1Change button to save it.

Windows10 setting of time

Synchronizing time with Internet server

However, as time passes on a terminal such as a PC, some time lag will be occurred.

Although time will not shift so much as a problem, if you want to reserve TV recording on a PC, for example, you want the correct time, and so we need to acquire the correct time again by synchronizing the time.

Internet time setting

Synchronizing with an Internet time server, you can always display the correct time. ▼ As a setting method, click Start Button > Settings > 1Time & language.

Windows10 setting of time

▼ In 1Date and time, click 2Add clocks for different time zones item.

Windows10 setting of time

▼ Date and Time is opened. In the figure below, after clicking 1Internet Timetab, and click 2Change settings… button.

Windows10 setting of time

▼ Internet time setting is displayed. First, check 1Synchronize with an Internet time server checkbox.

Next, specify the server to synchronize the time. is specified as the default value. This setting is no particular problem. Click 3Update Now button to synchronize the time.

Windows10 setting of time

▼ 1It takes a while to synchronize.

Windows10 setting of time

▼ The synchronization setting has been successfully completed as follows, 1The clock was successfully synchronized with on…. Click 2OK button to save.

Windows10 setting of time

▼ Because the display time of the personal computer is set to synchronize with the Internet time server, by synchronizing with the Internet time server, the display time is updated periodically, and you can always keep the correct time display.

Windows10 setting of time

Open the Settings in the control panel

This time, in a different way, the settings is the same, but the path can be moved in the “Control Panel”, as shown below.

▼ As below, press Windows + R key to open Run, and enter 1control or C:\Windows\System32\control.exe in the text box. Click 2OKbutton.

[Windows10]Windows 10 Creators Update

After Windows 10 Creators Update(version 1703), Control panel item disappeared from the right click menu of Start Button. You can check how to start the control panel from the following link.

▼ And then, in the pane of “All Control Panel Items”, click 1Date and Time, it will move to the Internet time setting window above.

Windows10 setting of time