How to connect and pair PC to your smartphone using Bluetooth in Windows 10《2/4》

By | November 4, 2017

Continue to explain the setting on Smartphone that has received pairing from the PC. The smartphone detected by searching of the Bluetooth device on the PC becomes “Ready to connect” as follows. We also make the settings on smartphone at the same time.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

Settings on your smartphone

▼ You can easily connect to your smartphone(Android). First of all, you need to set Bluetooth on the smartphone to “ON“. Click 1 Settings. The Android display differs depending on the Android version and model.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▼ Touch 1 Bluetooth. At this step, click smartphone displayed on PC.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▼ At the same time, the smartphone starts searching device nearby Bluetooth.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

▼ You will receive a pairing request from PC. The Device(Computer) name and “Pairing code are displayed as shown below. Make sure that the code matches the code on PC, and then tap 2PAIR.

【windows10】Blouetooth 설정

▼ As a result, the smartphone and PC each other are connected via Bluetooth as follows.

【windows10】Smartphone Blouetooth

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