How to set different background wallpapers for Multiple Displays Dual monitors《1/2》

By | November 18, 2017

In Windows 10 as well as the existing Windows OS, you can set your favorite image as wallpaper on the monitor screen (display) as desired. You can also set your own wallpaper as your original wallpaper

Also, when using Multiple Displays, it is possible to attach a different background image to each display. Here There are two ways

Easily add a background image to your desktop

▼ You can put the original picture or image on your desktop. Very simple. After Opening Windows File Explorer, right-click on the desired image, and then click 2Set as desktop background.

Set the background image

▼ As a result, the original wallpaper was created as follows.

Set the background image

Background setting

▼ We can also set the background image for more detail. Click Start > Setting > Personalize.

Set the background image


▼ As an alternative, right-click on the desktop and on the menu as follows: click 1“Personalize”.

Set the background image

▼ You can simply specify the image in the “Background” Settings, and also specify the display method as you want, for example, “Slideshow”.

Set the background image

1Click Background tab.

2There are three ways to set images as wallpapaer, such as Picture, Solid image, Slide Show.

3Select your favorite image as the background image. In case of Picture, the image specified in “Set the background image” is automatically displayed in the first left of them.

▼ 4Select the image you want to paste as a background image, for example, a family photo by clicking Browse button.

Choose the 1folder and click 2Choose picture button.

Set the background image

5Select the image layout method as below. This is only in case of Picture

Set the background image

1Fill, 2Fit, 3Stretch,
4Tile, 5Center

6In the case of “Span“, for example, if you use dual monitors, each display will be combined into a single desktop with one wallpaper background.

The image display and may vary slightly depending on aspect ratio and resolution.

Solid color

▼ For those who like simple design, it might be good to set the background as solid color.

Set the background image

▲ In the Background section, select 1solid color, and click 2the desired color in Background Color. As a result, the desktop has been changed to the color specified below.

Set the background image

Slide Show

▼ Full-screen slide show that automatically displays different images on the desktop at regular intervals.

Set the background image

Select 1Slide Show in the Background section.

2In the “Choose Albums for your slideshow” section, specify the folder where the images to be displayed are stored. Click Browse button and select the folder for your slideshow.

▼ Folder pictures is specified here. All images in that folder are displayed in the slideshow.

Choose the 1folder and click 2Choose this folder button.

Set the background image

3Change picture every“: Specify the time interval so that the image changes automatically after a certain period of time.

4Shuffle“: Shows images in random order. To display at random, set the toggle button to “ON“.

5Choose a fit: Select how you want to place the background image.