How to mount and assign OneDrive as a network drive in Windows File Explorer

By | October 31, 2017

Microsoft’s OneDrive is an online storage service that can store data files such as documents and photos on the cloud (Internet).

If you synchronize on-line OneDrive with OneDrive folder on PC, you can share data with each other. For example, if you save the file to OneDrive on your PC, it will be automatically copied to OneDrive on the cloud and you can share the same file through OneDrive online anytime anywhere.

However, in order to share a large amount of data, there is also a problem of hard disk space on the PC. So that it is also good to map(mount) OneDrive as a Windows 10 network drive instead of a local disk(HDD).

Since OneDrive supports a protocol that runs over HTTP called WebDAV, you can perform remote operations such as copying and deleting files directly to the Web server on Windows Explorer of PC.

After assigning OneDrive to a network drive, OneDrive preinstalled in Windows 10 becomes unnecessary, so you can delete it cleanly.

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Let’s see how to mount OneDrive as a network drive on Windows on a familiar Windows Explorer and manage files like other files.

Finding OneDrive’s CID number: Credential Manager

▼ First of all, you need to sign-in to OneDrive and check the CID number. As below, press Windows + R key to open Run, and enter 1control or C:\Windows\System32\control.exe in the text box. Click 2OKbutton.

[Windows10]Windows 10 Creators Update

After Windows 10 Creators Update(version 1703), Control panel item disappeared from the right click menu of Start Button. You can check how to start the control panel from the following link.

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▼ Open Control Panel, and click the following1Credential Manager.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

▼ On Credential Manager pane, click the following1Windows Credentials, and look for OneDrive Cached Credential. Make a note of 2User Name = CID Number that is being displayed.

If you can not find OneDrive Cached Credential, you have not signed-in to “OneDrive” yet, please access “credential manager” again after signing-in.

[Windows10] OneDrive Network Drive onedrive

Examine CID number in online OneDrive

▼ As another method, sign-in to online OneDrive and copy 1CID Number in the URL address bar below.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

Assigning Network Drive

▼ Start Windows File Explorer and mount OneDrive as a network drive. Select This PC in the Windows navigation pane, click 1Computer > 2Map Network Drive in the top menu, and click 3Map Network Drive of the submenu again.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

▼ Network Drive Assignment is opened. Copy the above CID number in the following URL address, and paste into the text box of the following folder. Number

▼ As shown below, paste 1URL address in the text box, and make sure that checkbox of 2Reconnect at sign-in is selected, and then click 3Finish button.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

▼ Clicking the above Finish button, the following network connection will start.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

▼ If you succeed in network access, you will be prompted to enter 1user name and password at the following OneDrive sign-in. After entering, click completion button. After entering, click 2OK button.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

▼ OneDrive has been successfully added as 1network drive.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

▼ When you right-click on the network drive and open the above 1Properties, the disk’s 1used space is not the network drive but the entire capacity of Windows system drive(C:drive (HDD)) is displayed.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

Disconnecting network drive

▼ You can try easily deleting the network drive that is no longer needed. 1Right-click on the network drive and click 2Disconnect.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

▼ Opening the file on a network driver, in the middle you are editing one, if you click 2Disconnect, the following Error message will be displayed. But, clicking 1Yes button, the network drive will disappear in Windows File Explorer.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

Selecting OneDrive folder to synchronize

You can select only the folders you need, for folders of OneDrive in PC and on-line OneDrive that is synchronized. Let’s check the state of the network drive of the subsequent OneDrive.

▼ 1Right-click on OneDrive on PC, and click 2Choose OneDrive folder to sync as shown below.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

▼ 1Uncheck the check boxes of folders that do not synchronize, and click 2OK button.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

▼ As a result, 1asynchronous folder(s) in synchronization folders of OneDrive on PC are hidden. However, there is no change in the 2folder of network drive. Regardless of PC’s OneDrive sync settings, you can use OneDrive online as it is.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

Adding, deleting folders and deleting,moving and pasting files etc. on the network drive are reflected on online OneDrive as they are.

Synchronizing online OneDrive and network drive

▼ 1A folder newly added on OneDrive online is immediately reflected on the network drive in PC in reverse.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

▼ Even if a folder of 1OneDrive in PC is asynchronous as follows, 1photo-album” created above on the online has been added on 2network drive of the PC.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive

Adding a network location

▼ In addition to the above method of mounting the network drive, it can be added to the network as follows.

[Windows10]「OneDrive」Network Drive onedrive