How to Minimize indexing function without stopping Windows Search service

By | October 30, 2017

It may be unnecessary index information for users who do not use the search tool at all, but if you disable / invalidate Windows Search for indexing and searching, it may affect other tools that are associated with it and cause operation defects.

For example, The search results for “Windows search box” in the Start menu, as well as File Explorer, may not work properly. Please refer to it before you invalidate it.

Emptying index information

If indexing is unnecessary, it is considered to be a way to minimize the negative impact by clearing the index information currently used instead of disabling the “Windows Search service”. it is done in almost the same procedure as index rebuild.

See the link below to rebuild the index.

Disable all of the items being indexed

▼ First, in “Index options” window, click 1Modify button.

Minimize indexing

▼ Next, Click the 1Show all locations button.

Minimize indexing

▼ Uncheck the location selected as the current index target as shown below..

Minimize indexing

Unchecking the 1location selected as the current index target in “Change selected locations” section above, the selected location become disapeared from “Summary of selected locations” section.

Repeating this will eventually leave nothing in the “Summary of selected locations” section. After completing the setting, click 2OK button.

As a result, it seems that the “Summary of selected locations” is in a state of nothing at this point, but in reality it will be difficult for the index to become zero(0).

▼ 1There was 2,351 items indexed before unchecking the selected location as above, you can see the re-indexed items become noticeably decreased. Click 2Advanced button.

[Windows10]Windows Search Minimize indexing

▼  “Advanced options” windows is shown. In the “Index Settings” tab, Click 1Rebuild button.

[Windows] Minimize indexing

▼  The mesage, “Rebuilding the index might take a long time to complete. Some views and search results might be incomplete until rebuilding is finished.” is shown, click OK button.

[Windows] Minimize indexing

▼ As a results, 1The number of items to be indexed has greatly reduced.

Minimize indexing

Deleting an index file

▼ Go to the following path (path) and delete the following files. Because the index file[Windows.edb] has a large size, delete it if there is not enough free space. If you have a enough disk capacity, leave as it is.


[Windows10]Windows Search Minimize indexing

▼ 1ProgramData“is a folder that is usually hidden in File Explorer. You should check 2Hidden items” in the “View” tab of the ribbon as shown below.

[Windows10]Windows Search Minimize indexing

▼ If the following warning message appears when you reach the target file, refer to the related article below.

[Windows10]Windows Search Minimize indexing

The setting is complete. Restart the computer and apply the settings.