How to check icon number of icon list : shell32.dll and imageres.dll icon storage file in Windows 10

By | October 31, 2017

On Windows, icons that symbolize the application, folders, files, shortcuts, etc. are displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.

Icons on Windows 10

Usually, icons are stored in the .ICO file. Many Windows icons are displayed in the form of application, folder, file, shortcut, and there are many unique icons appropriate for each.

However, because it is impossible to store everything in the form of an .ICO file of image files, instead of saving and using icons in a .DLL file format as one.

To change the icon of a specific folder, file, or shortcut, you can change it by specifying a specific icon from the .DLL file.

Each icon has its own specific number that can be identified. For example, when editing registry information, specify the icon number to be used from Shell related registry information.

▼ You can specify 1icon number 240 stored in “imageres.dll” as the icon of Delete image” as shown below .

[Windows10]icon number

▼ As a result, 1 is displayed as Delete icon on the right-click menu of the file as shown below.

[Windows10]icon number

Storage location of icons on Windows 10

As mentioned above, icons on Windows 10 are stored in “.DLL” file. These .DLL files are stored in the following folders on Windows 10. There are two “.DLL” files.


This “.DLL” file contains icons used in many places in Windows 10. There are icons of various kinds of folders, hardware devices, actions and so on.

[Windows10]icon number


This “.DLL” file also has many icons used in various parts of Windows 10.

[Windows10]icon number

Icon number list

▼ The following is an icon list stored in “shell32.dll” file. In the Registry Editor, you enter the following icon number you want to use.

▼ Icon number 1 ~ 28

[Windows10]icon number

▼ Icon number 29 ~ 134

[Windows10]icon number

▼ Icon number 135 ~ 170

[Windows10]icon number

▼ Icon number 171 ~ 220

[Windows10]icon number

▼ Icon number 221 ~ 248

[Windows10]icon number

▼ Icon number 249 ~ 276

[Windows10]icon number