How to display Recycle Bin in File Explorer

By | October 31, 2017

If you delete unnecessary files in Windows, it will not be deleted completely, but it moves to the Recycle Bin and will remain in the Recycle Bin unless you delete it completely.

If the deleted file is needed again, you can restore it by clicking1Restore to return the file to its original location as follows:

[Windows10]Recycle Bin can not be found

Recycle Bin not be found

Windows Explorer is a useful tool for file management. It copies, pastes, moves, and deletes files. However, there is no way to find out where is the Recycle Bin, when files are deleted in the Windows Explorer.

▼ As shown below, nothing is displayed where there is usually 1Recycle Bin.

[Windows10]Recycle Bin can not be found

Displaying the Recycle Bin

▼ You can display the Recycle Bin with a simple way. Click 1View > 2Options from the menu

[Windows10]Recycle Bin can not be found

▼ Folder Options is displayed as shown below. 1Click the “View” tab and check 2Show all folders in the list of Advanced settings:. Click the 3OK button.

[Windows10]Recycle Bin can not be found

▼  Now, 1Recycle Bin is displayed in Windows Explorer navigation as below.

[Windows10]Recycle Bin can not be found

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