How to clear the Command history in Windows 10

By | December 2, 2017

It is a useful tool that you can quickly launch related applications by simply entering programs and file names in Run Window. Windows stores the commands which we have entered and runned in Run.

The command history is remained in Run and you can see all by clicking on the drop down list. Sometimes the command list is too long and you need to delete the command. We’ll explain how to remove the command history in Run box.

clear the Command history

This history of Run commands is saved in registry key. You can delete the history stored in the registry so that the command list is cleared.

Registry editor

▼ As shown below, Press Windows + Rkey and open Run. Enter 1regedit in the text field, click 2OK button.

Windows taskbar background

▼ User Account Control(UAC) appears to allow you to run the Registry Editor. Click 1Yes button.

[Wndows10]Clear the Command history

▼ Registry Editor window opens. Navigate down to the following key path.


[Wndows10]Clear the Command history

▼ You’ll see all your recent commands on the right pane of RunMRU key, Drag and select the named(a,b,c…) command entries runned in Run box.

You can remove them by clicking 1Delete from right-click menu. Do NOT delete the entry named default “


[Wndows10]Clear the Command history

▼ A confirmation dialog box will be displayed. click 1Yes button.

[Wndows10]Clear the Command history

Checking result

▼ The result is as follows. Open the Run box and click . You can see text box is empty.

[Wndows10]Clear the Command history

▼ If you enter the 1command again in the text box of Run box, that is saved in the above RunMRU key.

clear the Command history

1The command is saved as the letter name a.

clear the Command history