How to disable the sound used for Windows and program events to be silent

By | October 30, 2017

System sound in Windows is the sound that comes when something happens. For example, there are various types of sounds, such as an error sound when an error occurs or a sound at the beginning and end of Windows.

These sounds have little effect on the operation of the computer. It tends to be thought that it is unnecessary. For quiet PC operation, you can disable these event sounds individually or all at once.

This is a system sound only, so it has nothing to do with the sound of a movie on a computer or the usual sound when watching Youtube. Even if you set the system sound so that no sound is heard, the sound from Youtube sounds normally.

Changing the Sound setting

▼ As below, press Windows + R key to open Run, and enter 1control or C:\Windows\System32\control.exe in the text box. Click 2OKbutton.

[Windows10]Windows 10 Creators Update

▼ In the Control Panel window, specify 1View by: Large(small) icon and click the 2Sound.

Windows10 Disable the system sound

Open Sound in Run

▼ Or, As shown below, Press Windows + Rkey and open Run. Enter 1mmsys.cpl in the text field, click 2OK button.

Windows10 Disable the system sound

Open Sound in the notification area

▼ Or simply, Right-click 1 speaker icon in the notification area, and then click 2Sounds.

Windows10 Disable the system sound

Setting No Startup Sound

▼ The Sound window appears. Click the 1Sound tab. Here we want to disable the sound system coming out of Windows. The default Sound settings is 2Windows default. Let’s try not to make a sound when Windows starting. Unchecking 3Play Windows Startup sound, this will become no sound.

Windows10 Disable the system sound

Setting individual no sound for each event

▼ Selecting an Event that you do not want to hear from the Program Events list, for example, click 1Calendar Reminder and then select and then select 2(none) in the Sounds: to disable the sound. Click the 3OK or Apply button.

Windows10 Disable the system sound

Set all event sounds to None at once

▼ In the 1Sound tab, select 2No Sounds in the Sound Scheme, and then click the3OK or Apply button. The sound of all events is invalidated at once.

Windows10 Disable the system sound

▼ As below, all individual 1 sounds icon disappears and the 2sounds: is changed to (None).

Windows10 Disable the system sound