How to disable unnecessary features to make Windows startup more Faster

By | November 21, 2017

When you power on PC and log in to Windows, you will need to disable some of the unnecessary features of Windows if you want to work more smoothly.

That way is that you can smoothly work on Windows by disabling unnecessary features such as animations, visual effects – background transparency, windows shadow – Windows startup programs, and events in the background of Windows.

Fast Startup in Windows 10

Fast Startup(hybrid boot) is a Windows function that helps your PC start up at faster speed after shutting down the PC and is set by default in windows10.

Windows simply can load the hiberfile and start up faster when PC is started again by saving system information in hiberfile(C:\hiberfil.sys) when Windows shuts down.

Turn On or Off Fast Startup

▼ You can set Fast Startup in power options of “Control Panel”. First, press Windows + R key to open Run, and enter 1control or C:\Windows\System32\control.exe in the text box. Click 2OKbutton.

[Windows10] Windows 10 Creators Update

After Windows 10 Creators Update(version 1703), Control panel item disappeared from the right click menu of Start Button. You can check how to start the control panel from the following link.

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▼ You can see Control Panel. Select View by:Large(small) icons, and click 1Power Options.

[Windows 10] Startup Program

▼ Click 1Choose what the power buttons do on the left side of the window.

[Windows 10] Startup Program

▼ Next, click 1Change settings that are currently unavailable.

[Windows 10] Startup Program

▼ Check 1Turn on fast startup.

[Windows 10] Startup Program

Then when system reboots again, it simply reloads this hiberfile, enable boot times much faster. To turn off Fast Startup, uncheck the Turn on Fast Startup.

Startup programs

By stopping unnecessary Startup programs, Windows starting will be faster. Right-click 1program you want to stop on the “Startup” tab of “Task Manager”, and choose 2Disable.

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[Windows 10] Startup Program

Improve performance by disabling unnecessary visual effects

In Windows10, visual effects such as animations are set as default. These visual effects may be in good shape, but overloading may occur in low-specification PCs.

Disabling visual effects

By disabling basic unnecessary functions, you can reduce the load on the PC and speed up Windows.

Select Visual Effects tab, and uncheck the unnecessary visual effects from the list of 2Custom.

[Windows 10] Startup Program

Animate controls and elements inside windows

Animate windows when minimizing and maimizing

Animations in the taskbar

Enable Peek

Fade or slide menus into view

Fade or slide ToolTips into view

Fade out menu items after clicking

Save taskbar thumbnail previews

Show shadows under windows

Show thumbnails instead of icons

Show translucent selection rectangle

Show window contents while dragging

Slide open combo boxes

Smooth edges of screen fonts

Smooth-scroll list boxes

Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop

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Disable Windows Animations

In Windows10, visual effects such as animation are indispensable to express GUI(Graphical user interface) in abundance. But that is also an unnecessary feature that slows down Windows startup.

▼ You can turn off Windows10 animation playback to get a task speedup. First, press Windows + I keys, and click Windows Settings > 1Ease of Access.

[Windows 10] Startup Program

▼ On selecting 1Other Options tab, you turn off 2Play animations in Windows in Visual Options section on the right,

▼ When turn off 3Show Windows background, you can see that the background image disappears from the desktop and the desktop becomes black.

[Windows 10] Startup Program

Disk Cleanup

While using the computer for a long time, unnecessary files are stored in the computer such as installation and deletion of various applications, accumulation of data files, storage of Temporary Internet Files etc. when browsing the website on the Internet. As a result, the hard disk capacity often tends to become full by increasing it.

Disk Cleanup is useful function increases the free space of the hard disk by deleting unnecessary files, such as deleting temporary files and system files on the drive and emptying the recycle bin.

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[Windows 10Speed up Windows

Disable Windows transparent background

By Turning off the transparent background of Start, Taskbar and Action center in Windows10, it helps to speed up Windows.

▼ Press Windows + I keys, and click Windows Settings > 1Personalization.

[Windows 10] Speed up Windows

▼ ON 1Colors tab, turn off 2Transparency effects on the right.

[Windows 10]Speed up Windows

Disable Notifications

▼ Windows 10 sometimes provides a helpful tips on how to use it, for example, Edge pop-up as below.

[Windows 10] Speed up Windows

▼ To turn off these tips, click 1Notifications & actions, and Turn off 2Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows.

[Windows 10] Speed up Windows

Invalidate the sound effects of system events

Windows10 has several system events, such as Notification(warning) popups, sounds for notifying users of battery usage, and User Account Control (UAC).

You can start Windows a little faster by turning off this as much as possible. See the following related articles for starting and setting up your sound.

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If you do not need sound, set the following in the Sound window. First, right-click 1Volume icon in the notification area and click 2Sounds.

[Windows 10] Startup Program

▼ When the “Sound” window is open, you can turn off sound in the following order.

[Windows 10]Speed up Windows

Clicking 1Sounds tab, select2 Windows Defaults, and choose 3Event to be mute in Program Events, select 4(None) in Sounds. Now, even though the event occurs, no sound.

If you uncheck 5Play Windows Startup sound, Windows Startup sound does not play, no sound.

If you select “No Sounds” in Soudd Scheme, all of “application events” become mute.

Disable unnecessary folder options

Uncheck unnecessary “Folder Options” to improve system performance and functionality. First, open the following Windows Explorer: 1View Ribbon > 2Options.

[Windows 10] Speed up Windows

▼ Check off unnecessary items below under 1Advanced settings.

Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items

Hide folder merge confilicts

Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color

Display file size information in foder tips

[Windows 10]Speed up Windows


Windows collects information related to your actions, such as remote measurements and automatic data collection, location information, and account information in the background. You also disable unnecessary things to improve system performance, as well as personal.

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In addition, remove unnecessary application of standard built-in application. We also recommend that you regularly update Windows to stay current.