How to invalidate capital letters of alphabet by disabling Caps Lock key

By | October 31, 2017

The Caps Lock key on the Keyboard is used to capitalize alphabetic characters. Sometimes you maybe have experienced errors by entering with an upper case alphabet when entering a password.

The alphabet is used for password input. When entering a password while logging-in, there is some experience that the login failed in since Caps Lock is turned on by itself .

[Windows10]invalidate Caps Lock

So, you can set it how to always disable the Caps Lock key.

Usually, the “Caps Lock” light on the keyboard is done by pressing the Shift + Caps Lock keys. You can prevent Log-in Errors due ftom an erroneous operation by turning Cap Lock off.

Even if the function of the “Caps Lock” key is disabled, you can enter capital letters holding down Shift key.

Starting Registry Editor

▼ First, press Windows + R key to open “Run” as a shortcut key, and then typing 1regedit into the text box, and click 2OK button.

Windows Time

▼ User Account Control(UAC) appears to allow you to run the Registry Editor. click 2OK button.

invalidate Caps Lock

▼ Next, in the Registry Editor, it moves to the following path.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout

【Windows10】invalidate capital letters of Caps Lock

Creating a new value:Scancode Map

▼ Next, you create a value that use to disable the Caps Lock key. Right-click anywhere in the right pane of the Keyboard Layout key, and click , 1New > Binary Value to create a new value.

【Windows10】How disable to Caps Lock

▼ Rename “New Value #1” to 1Scancode Map“.

【Windows10】How disable to Caps Lock

Entering Value Data

▼ Next, double-click the value of the 1Scancode Map“, and enter the 2number in the text box of the “Value data” below.


Click the 3OK.

【Windows10】How disable to Caps Lock

▼ Results are as follows.

【Windows10】How disable to Caps Lock

Checking the result

After logging out here once, to enter Capital letters of the alphabet in the text box again on the sign-in screen , press Shift + Caps Lock. Maybe, Caps Lock is not working.

▼ You can not turn-on “Caps Lock” even if you press Caps Lock key. Usually, you can not see any of the following messages: 1Caps Lock is on displayed when Cap locks is turned on normally.

【Windows10】How disable to Caps Lock

▼ In order to restore it, just 1delete the value of “Scancode Map” created above. You can capitalize the letter as usual with “Caps Lock” again.

【Windows10】How disable to Caps Lock