How to delete and reset the background image of recently used desktop from Settings

By | November 14, 2017

▼ On the Windows10 OS, you can change the wallpaper background image in the “Personalize” Settings. As below, Right-click on the desktop and click 1Personalize on the Context Menu.

[Windows10]deleting and updating background image

▼ In the 1Background” tab, 24 pictures shown of “Choose your Picture” on the right are the pictures that can be selected as the background image.

To use a different image on the wallpaper, click 4Browse button to specify the image you want. The 3first left background image is the background image of the current desktop.

[Windows10]deleting and updating background image

Storage location of background image

▼ Images displayed in the Background tab above are stored in the following two folders by default. First of all, the default image that becomes wallpaper when Windows 10 has been installed is stored in the following folder.


[Windows10]deleting and updating background image

▼ Another background image is stored in “Theme1(Windows10)” folder.


[Windows10]deleting and updating background image

Updating the background image

If you want to update the history of the background image of the desktop that is being used recently, you can replace the above five background images with a new background image.

The way to do this is to delete the existing path information of background images in the Registry Editor.

Starting Registry Editor

▼ As shown below, Press Windows + R key to open Run. Entering 1regedit in the text field, and click 2OK button.

Windows taskbar background

▼ User Account Control(UAC) appears to allow you to run the Registry Editor. click 2OK button.

Windows Windows Photo Viewer

▼ Next, The Registry Editor window opens. First, it moves to the following path.


[Windows10]deleting and updating background image

▼  Next, in the right window of “Wallpapers“, while holding down the Shift key of the path of 5 background images, 1right-click and click 2Delete“.

[Windows10]deleting and updating background image

▼ The Delete confirmation message is displayed. 1Yes button.

Deleting certain registry values could cause system instability. Are you sure you want to permanently delete these values?

[Windows10]deleting and updating background image

The settings is finished. Close the Registry Editor window.

Open “Personalization” and check the results

▼ Let’s check whether background image history is updated. Compared with the existing background image above, you can see that it has been replaced with the 1new (default) background image as shown below.

[Windows10]deleting and updating background image

▼  Once again, when you open the registry editor, you can see that the path information of the background image is replaced with the new (default) background image information.

[Windows10]deleting and updating background image

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