How to connect and pair PC to your smartphone using Bluetooth in Windows 10《1/4》

By | November 4, 2017

BlueTooth is one of the technologies that allows you to listen to music on smartphone with wireless headphones, or to use speakers, keyboards, and mouse with a wireless connection, or to communicate between devices each other without cables using 2.4GHz frequency bands.

Bluetooth, which is widely used in smart phones and PCs, is basically connected by one-to-one communication between device, but it is necessary to specify and pair devices with each other.

Communication range of BlueTooth is about several meters ~ 10m (about 2m ~ 3m), which is relatively short compared to Wi-Fi, but can send or receive data even if there are obstacles.

From now on, we will connect personal PC and smart phone (Android) via Bluetooth communication and send and receive data.

How to set up Bluetooth

As described above, it is necessary to connect and pair devices with each other for Bluetooth communication.

First, you set up Bluetooth to “ON” on both connected terminals, and searching other devices to connect with either terminal, and select and pair each other by sharing the same PIN code.

Check built-in Bluetooth on your PC

To make Bluetooth communication, you need to make sure that both devices are equipped with a Bluetooth device. First, let’s check the Bluetooth device of PC. You can check whether Bluetooth function is available or not in “Device Manager“.

Check in “Device Manager”

▼ As below, Right-click on Start button, and click 2Device Manager“.

[windows10] Blouetooth communication

▼ If there is any Bluetooth device, when you open Device Manager window as shown below, you can see that 1 Bluetooth icon. If not, it may not have Bluetooth capability.

You can also check that the “Network Adapter” has 2Bluetooth devices.

[windows10] Bluetooth communication

Preparing for Bluetooth connect between your PC and smartphone

We will then pair the PC and smartphone with Bluetooth. First, you should also turn on a built-in Bluetooth device.

At this stage, we recommend that you open the bluetooth setup screen of your smartphone for a more secure connection.

[windows10] Bluetooth communication

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Add a Bluetooth device

▼ In the lower right corner of notification area(system tray) on desktop, Click icon, and right-click 1Bluetooth icon, click 2Add a Bluetooth Device“.

[windows10] Blouetooth communication

▼ Bluetooth setting window opens. You can start to detect the Bluetooth device nearby PC. On the contrary, it is also possible to detect PC with Bluetooth from Smartphone.

▼ A toggle button of Bluetooth is 1ON state. Click 2+ Add Bluetooth or other device to detect it.

【windows10】Bluetooth communication

Unknown device

▼ The following unrecognized Bluetooth devices may be detected after clicking button above. Click “Unknown device” once, it start to connect to unknown device.

▼ But, the following error message, 1We didn`t any response from the device. Try connecting again” is displayed. Click Cancel button, and restart to connect it.

【windows10】connect pc smartphone bluetooth

▼ Continued to search for Bluetooth device nearby PC, and as a result, PC has deteted and tried to connect to Smartphone(Here, Xperia Z2). In some cases, it may take more time to detect.

▼ Now, when you are “ready to pair” Smartphone, click 1it.

[windows10] connect pc smartphone bluetooth

Verify pairing PIN code between PC and smartphone

The pairing code that share with smartphone is displayed on PC as follows. The message, “Press Connect if the PIN on Xperia Z2 matches this one” is displayed. At the same time, the same PIN code is displayed on your smartphone.

▼ After You confirm that PIN matches each other, and then click 1Connect button.

【windows10】Connect pc smartphone bluetooth

▼ The same paring code is also displayed on the smartphone screen as shown below. Tap 1Pair.

[windows10] connect pc smartphone bluetooth

▼ As a result, you could connect PC to smartphone with Blouetooth. Click Donw button.

[windows10] Connect pc smartphone bluetooth

▼ 1Connected is displayed on the added device(smartphone) as shown below , and the connect between PC and smartphone is completed.

[windows10] Connect pc smartphone bluetooth