How to adjust time synchronization interval with NTP server – setting the date and time

By | October 31, 2017

The Network Time Protocol(NTP) server used for accurate time adjustment is a server that delivers data at the current time. The interval between this NTP server and Windows time synchronization is usually one week (604,800 seconds) as the default value.

The synchronization interval setting can be modified in Registry Editor. The synchronization interval is set in seconds. In the case of one week interval, set it in “decimal” notation of “60 seconds × 60 minutes × 24 hours × 7 days = 604800 (seconds).

Starting Registry Editor

▼ First, press Windows + R key to open “Run” as a shortcut key, and then typing 1regedit into the text box, and click 2OK button.

Windows Time

▼ User Account Control(UAC) appears to allow you to run the Registry Editor. click 2OK button.

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▼ Next, in the Registry Editor, it moves to the following path.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ W32Time \ TimeProviders \ NtpClient

Windows10 Time

▼ To set the synchronization interval, use the value 1SpecialPollInterval on the right pane. The default setting is that “Value data” is 32768 as about 9 hours

Windows10 Time

Changing synchronization interval

In the case of the above figure, let’s set the synchronization interval of time, for example, in this 12 hours as an extremely short time.

▼ Double-click on the value 1SpecialPollInterval in the right pane, and the following Edit DWARD(32-bit) Value is displayed. First, select2Decimal of Base, typing 343200(= 60 seconds X 60 minutes X 12 hours) in “Value data”. 4OK button to finish it.

Windows10 Time

Setting is finished with this. Exit Registry Editor and restart Windows.

Checking synchronization interval setting

Make sure that the date and time setting has been changed as above. First, open Control Panel.

▼ As below, press Windows + R key to open Run, and enter 1control or C:\Windows\System32\control.exe in the text box. Click 2OKbutton.

[Windows10]Windows 10 Creators Update

After Windows 10 Creators Update(version 1703), Control panel item disappeared from the right click menu of Start Button. You can check how to start the control panel from the following link.

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▼ Control Panel is displayed. Select View by:Large(small) icons, and click 1Date and Time.

Windows10 Time

▼  After updating synchronization, in the Internet Time tab, 1Next Synchronization as shown below, the difference from the current synchronization time is 12 hours.

Windows10 Time

In the above registry editor, you can see that the setting is correctly set to synchronize “Date and Time” after 12 hours.

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