How to change the basic digital clock to an analog clock shape, display the world time zone ~ How to set/modify/change the date and time

By | October 30, 2017

As described in the previous section concerning the time setting in the Windows 10 OS, if you set the toggle switch of「Set time automatically」to 「ON」 in general, it will be fine as automatic setting as long as no serious problem occurs.

▼ In addition, the time setting can be moved from2Additional date, time, & regional settings below, separately from the path described in the previous part.

Windows10 Time

▼  Click and set / change 1each items of Date and Time.

Windows10 Time

Fix time manually

▼ If you manually modify the time, you can change “date” and “time”, clicking 1Change date and time… button below.

Windows10 Time

▼ You manually correct 1Date and 2Time on 「Date and Time Setting」.

Windows10 Time

You can also customize the format of time and date by clicking 3Change calendar settings item in the above figure.

On 1Date tab in 「Customize format」 shown below, you can change the desired format.

Windows10 Time

Adding a Time Zone

▼ In “Date and Time” below, 1Additional Clocks tab, you can add up to two clocks.

▼ After Checking 2Show this clock to select the major cities of the world, and write the name corresponding to 3Enter display name.

▼ Click 4OK button to save it.

Windows10 Time

▼ As a result, in addition to the existing clock as shown below, 1two Time Zone has been added.

Windows10 Time

Restoring to an analog clock

Maybe, after Windows 10 Creators Update(version 1703), this feature is no longer working.

In Windows10, the digital clock shown above is the default, but let’s turn it into an analog clock.

▼ Or as shown in the figure below, typing 1regedit in windows search box next to start button, and then click 2regedit.

Windows10 Time

Open “Run”

▼ First, press Windows + R key of the keyboard to open “Run” window as a shortcut key, and then typing 1regedit into the text box, and click 2OK button.

Windows Time

▼ Next, in the Registry Editor, it moves to the following path.


Windows10 Time

▼ Right-click on the empty space on the right pane, and click1New > DWORD(32-bit)Value.

Windows10 Time

▼ Next, the name of “New Value #1” as follows: Fill in 1UseWin32TrayClockExperience.

Windows10 Time

▼ In “UseWin32TrayClockExperience” value, right-click and click 1Modify….

Windows10 Time

▼ Or, double-click 1UseWin32TrayClockExperience value, and change “value data” from “0” to 21 in the edit window.

▼ Click 3OK button to save it. The analog clock setting is completed, close the Registry Editor.

Windows10 Time

▼ As a result, it was turned into an analog clock as shown below.

Windows10 Time

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