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[Windows10] Forgotten password! How to check the PIN or the network security key(encryption key) of the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connected to the PC

Wi-Fi refers to Wireless LAN technology that connect wireless network to the devices such as PCs, smart phones, and tablets. Usually, you use Wi-Fi via a Wi-Fi router at home or at work. Recently, Public wireless LAN spots (free Wi-Fi spots) are available free of charge for everyone and can be used conveniently anywhere. Related… Read More »

[Windows10 Security] Entering password is outdated? How to login to Windows 10 with a PIN

In Windows 10, there are two types of User account when logging in to PC, a traditional Local account, and Microsoft account with Microsoft’s Online service. Windows 10 recommends Microsoft accounts, and it is also recommended that you use a PIN, short for Personal Identification Number, to increase security. Local and Microsoft accounts First, the… Read More »