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Completely delete files or folders at once ~ Add a Permanently delete item to Right-click Context menu in Windows 10

Usually, when deleting a file or folder on Windows File Explorer, the item is not deleted completely, but it moves to the recycle bin by default. ▼ To delete this completely, you must right-click and click 1Empty Recycle Bin item on the Context menu. ▼  Or, if you want to permanently delete a file in the… Read More »

How to start Control Panel disappeared from Right-click Context Menu after Windows 10 Creators Update

When updating “Windows 10 Creators Update” which is released on April 11, 2017, In the right-click menu(Context Menu) on the windows start button, the existing control panel has disappeared. Is there no control panel? ▼ One of the indispensable tools frequently used by Windows users is the “control panel”. By pressing Windows + X key on… Read More »