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[Windows10] How to change each name of the operating system(OS) at Startup for Multi-booting

When you start a multiboot PC with multiple OS installed on one or multiple hard disk drives, Multiple Operating Systems are displayed as follows : However, it is sometimes difficult to identify each OS because it does not identify the name for each OS. In this case, we will introduce you to the “Windows PowerShell(Admin)”… Read More »

[Windows10]What to do when Boot Manager of the multiple operating systems(OS) disappeared at the time of starting multi-boot~How to change OS starting order of Boot Manager

When the multiple operating systems(OS) are installed on the hard-disk of PC, it turns on the power of PC, and selects the OS that you want to start among the multiple operating systems(OS) displayed. However, even though it is multi-booting, Windows Boot Manager may be omitted(not displayed), causing only one OS to start up. Windows… Read More »