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How to customize your Desktop Theme as you like – Desktop background and colors

On Windows, you can set the desktop that you want to customize using themes. The theme is a collection of background images, window colors and sounds. You can make my theme with your favorite things and change the background image and sound of PC desktop at once. Background settings: Picruew, Solid color and Slideshow You… Read More »

How to make taskbar background more transparent using Registry editor in Windows 10

▼ On Windows 10, you can make color of taskbar background more “transparent”. First, click Windows Settings > 1personalization as below. ▼ In 1Colors tab, set Transparency effects toggle button to 2On to make the color of taskbar background transparent. Taskbar background ▼ ”Task Manager” window overlapped with the task bar below, but, it is impossible to raise… Read More »