Quickly empty the Recycle Bin ~ How to add “Empty Recycle Bin” to Quick Access Toolbar

Recycle Bin on Windows File Explorer is a useful tool for managing deleted files. Usually, “Recycle Bin” is displayed at the 1bottom of navigation pane of File Explorer. When selecting a file in “Recycle Bin”, “Recycle Bin” icon is embedded 1Manage > 2Empty Recycle Bin option in the ribbon Menu. Clicking it, you can delete… Read More »

How to disable Telemetry and automatic Data Collection on Windows 10

Windows 10 sends to Microsoft by running telemetry and automatic data collection for the purpose of improving Windows performance. For example, Windows security tools such as Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) and Windows Defender may send data to Microsoft. It is said that windows do not collect specific personal information, but for Windows users it… Read More »

How to set Windows Startup using Task Manager

Many people feel that Windows startup is gradually getting late as compared with time when first installing Windows on the PC. One cause is that as you install Windows applications, installing various applications such as games, image processing, and e-mails, Windows is slower and has a long time to prepare before doing something. The first… Read More »

[Windows10]How to change the date and time formats in the notification area

The date and time in the notification area of ​​taskbar can be displayed in various combinations with each other. The default time zone(12-hour format) is shown below in the right edge of the taskbar. ▼ For example, you can change it to “24 hour format” as below. Setting Date and Time formats On Windows10, there are… Read More »

How to set different background wallpapers for Multiple Displays, Dual monitors《1/2》

Prev12Next In Windows 10 as well as the existing Windows OS, you can set your favorite image as wallpaper on the monitor screen (display) as desired. You can also set your own wallpaper as your original wallpaper Also, when using Multiple Displays, it is possible to attach a different background image to each display. Here… Read More »

How to set different background wallpapers for Multiple Displays, Dual monitors《2/2》

Prev12Next It is now common to work with Multiple Displays for efficient task on PC. Separate settings are required to display different background images on each monitor. Usually, the background on the desktop is set to show the same image as the default even if Multiple Displays is. Right-click ▼ Click Start > Settings > Personalization.… Read More »