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How to set Windows Startup using Task Manager

Many people feel that Windows startup is gradually getting late as compared with time when first installing Windows on the PC. One cause is that as you install Windows applications, installing various applications such as games, image processing, and e-mails, Windows is slower and has a long time to prepare before doing something. The first… Read More »

How to disable Automatic Maintenance using Registry Editor in Windows 10

When not using Windows, you can set to run maintenance automatically at a specified time. Automatic maintenance provides Windows Update and software updates, security scan, and system diagnostics in batches. It is usually done in the background to not affect normal computer work. However, there is a possibility that a problem may occur in the… Read More »

[Windows10] How to use BitLocker to encrypt Windows Operating System Drive(C:Drive) ~ BitLocker Drive Encryption

Prev12Next BitLocker Drive encryption is a function to encrypt the hard disk drive of PC and the removable disk such as a USB flash drive, SD card etc. to prevent important data from being stolen. When PC was stolen by accident, it also prevents the leakage of data by BitLocker encryption.There are several ways to… Read More »

[Windows10] How to set BitLocker Drive Encryption to Protect Files on Drives

Prev12Next BitLocker encrypts your hard disk drive or removable disk such as a USB flash drive or SD card to prevent important data from being stolen. BitLocker is the function of “encrypting drive” that is built in Windows. BitLocker encrypts the entire drive, not individual files or folders. By using BitLocker, you can encrypt the… Read More »