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How to open Device Manager in Windows 10

Device Manager is a tool that displays connection status of PC and peripheral devices such as CPU, hard disk, graphic card, sound card, mouse, etc., and manages adding, deleting, and change of driver. Make sure your device is recognized and working properly on your computer. For example, if you experience problems such as no sound,… Read More »

How to set different background wallpapers for Multiple Displays Dual monitors《1/2》

12 In Windows 10 as well as the existing Windows OS, you can set your favorite image as wallpaper on the monitor screen (display) as desired. You can also set your own wallpaper as your original wallpaper Also, when using Multiple Displays, it is possible to attach a different background image to each display. Here… Read More »

How to disable Automatic Maintenance using Registry Editor in Windows 10

When not using Windows, you can set to run maintenance automatically at a specified time. Automatic maintenance provides Windows Update and software updates, security scan, and system diagnostics in batches. It is usually done in the background to not affect normal computer work. However, there is a possibility that a problem may occur in the… Read More »