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How to disable Windows automatic update using Registry Editor and Services

12 Windows 10 downloads and installs the update automatically for Windows work such as important security enhancements and bug fix updates. The default settings for Windows Update are automatically downloaded and installed. This automatic Windows Update is actually convenient for users, but not everyone wants. We can not completely prevent Windows Updating from Microsoft, but… Read More »

Two ways to Disable Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana is a voice assistant like iPhone’s Siri, which is standard built-in on Windows 10. It is now available for Windows 10 November update in November 2015. Cortana works and uses your data such as your searches, calendar, contacts, and location from device. Cortana uses also Windows Search to help you search the web and… Read More »

How to disable Telemetry and automatic Data Collection on Windows 10

Windows 10 sends to Microsoft by running telemetry and automatic data collection for the purpose of improving Windows performance. For example, Windows security tools such as Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) and Windows Defender may send data to Microsoft. It is said that windows do not collect specific personal information, but for Windows users it… Read More »

How to Completely delete files or folders at once in Windows 10

▼ Usually, when deleting a file or folder on Windows File Explorer, the item is not deleted completely, but it moves to the recycle bin by default. To delete this completely, you must right-click and click 1Empty Recycle Bin item on the Context menu. ▼  Or, if you want to permanently delete a file in the… Read More »

How to disable Automatic Maintenance using Registry Editor in Windows 10

When not using Windows, you can set to run maintenance automatically at a specified time. Automatic maintenance provides Windows Update and software updates, security scan, and system diagnostics in batches. It is usually done in the background to not affect normal computer work. However, there is a possibility that a problem may occur in the… Read More »

How to delete and reset the background image of recently used desktop from Settings

▼ On the Windows10 OS, you can change the wallpaper background image in the “Personalize” Settings. As below, Right-click on the desktop and click 1Personalize on the Context Menu. ▼ In the 1“Background” tab, 24 pictures shown of “Choose your Picture” on the right are the pictures that can be selected as the background image. To… Read More »

How to fix a duplicate Hard Drive or USB flash Drive icon in Windows File Explorer

When opening Windows File Explorer in Windows 10, you will see duplicate Hard drive or USB drive icons at the navigation tree on the left side. ▼  Especially, when inserting a Removable disk such as a USB flash drive into PC, such a phenomenon occurs. It shows 1two external hard drive icons in File Explorer… Read More »

How to make taskbar background more transparent using Registry editor in Windows 10

▼ On Windows 10, you can make color of taskbar background more “transparent”. First, click Windows Settings > 1personalization as below. ▼ In 1Colors tab, set Transparency effects toggle button to 2On to make the color of taskbar background transparent. Taskbar background ▼ ”Task Manager” window overlapped with the task bar below, but, it is impossible to raise… Read More »