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How to send or receive a file between PC and Smartphone using Bluetooth in Windows10

1234 We will introduce sending and receiving the data between smartphone and PC. The Bluetooth function must be set to “ON” each other. First, send a file to smartphone from PC. Starting Bluetooth on PC Click Start button, and click 1 Settings. ▼ On Windows Settings, click 1Devices. ▼ Click 1Bluetooth in “Devices” setting. PC is currently… Read More »

Bluetooth device being paired not connected on PC? Reconnect to Bluetooth – Windows 10

1234 Once connected, devices(Smartphone and PC) are “connected” to each other as long as no errors occur. Sometimes, as shown below, Bluetooth setting on PC has suddenly changed to “Paired” from “Connected”. Why? Paired It is switched to “Paired” in the “connected” state, when something goes wrong, such as turning off the power of another… Read More »

How to connect and pair PC to your smartphone using Bluetooth in Windows 10《2/4》

1234 Continue to explain the setting on Smartphone that has received pairing from the PC. The smartphone detected by searching of the Bluetooth device on the PC becomes “Ready to connect” as follows. We also make the settings on smartphone at the same time. Settings on your smartphone ▼ You can easily connect to your smartphone(Android).… Read More »

How to connect and pair PC to your smartphone using Bluetooth in Windows 10《1/4》

1234 BlueTooth is one of the technologies that allows you to listen to music on smartphone with wireless headphones, or to use speakers, keyboards, and mouse with a wireless connection, or to communicate between devices each other without cables using 2.4GHz frequency bands. Bluetooth, which is widely used in smart phones and PCs, is basically… Read More »

How to mount and assign OneDrive as a network drive in Windows File Explorer

Microsoft’s OneDrive is an online storage service that can store data files such as documents and photos on the cloud (Internet). If you synchronize on-line OneDrive with OneDrive folder on PC, you can share data with each other. For example, if you save the file to OneDrive on your PC, it will be automatically copied… Read More »

How to check Wireless network Wi-Fi and Network security key

The wireless Network security key(encryption key) is the password required for the user’s PC to connect to a secure access point (such as a router) on the wireless network. ▼ The Wi-Fi key is usually written on the back of the wireless LAN router. ▼ 1Network security key: Instead of PIN, you enter the network security key… Read More »

Forgotten password! How to check the PIN or the network security key(encryption key) of the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connected to the PC

Wi-Fi refers to Wireless LAN technology that connect wireless network to the devices such as PCs, smart phones, and tablets. Usually, you use Wi-Fi via a Wi-Fi router at home or at work. Recently, Public wireless LAN spots (free Wi-Fi spots) are available free of charge for everyone and can be used conveniently anywhere. However,… Read More »