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How to prevent Windows Update from automatically updating at any time

12 In Windows 10, Windows download and install software updates automatically for Windows work such as important security enhancements and bug fix updates. The default settings for Windows Update are automatically downloaded and installed. This Windows Update checks the status of your computer and, for example, identifies Windows services or devices installed on your PC,… Read More »

Two ways to Disable Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana is a voice assistant like iPhone’s Siri, which is standard built-in on Windows 10. It is now available for Windows 10 November update in November 2015. Cortana works and uses your data such as your searches, calendar, contacts, and location from device. Cortana uses also Windows Search to help you search the web and… Read More »

How to disable Telemetry and automatic Data Collection on Windows 10

Windows 10 sends to Microsoft by running telemetry and automatic data collection for the purpose of improving Windows performance. For example, Windows security tools such as Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) and Windows Defender may send data to Microsoft. It is said that windows do not collect specific personal information, but for Windows users it… Read More »

How to set BitLocker Drive Encryption for the operating system drives without Trusted Platform Module(TPM) using Group Policy (gpedit.msc)

BitLocker Drive encryption is a function to encrypt the hard disk drive of PC and the removable disk such as a USB flash drive, SD card etc. to prevent important data from being stolen. BitLocker Drive Encryption can encrypt the operating system drive which Windows is installed, a Fixed drive, USB flash drive, or SD… Read More »

How to Install and use the Local Group Policy Editor(gpedit.msc) in the Windows 10 Home version《2/2》

12 Rewriting user ID ▼ Now, here open the 1“C:\Windows\Temp\gpedit\” folder. From the folders shown below, we will edit the 2×64.bat file on a 64-bit system on PC ▼ 1right-click x64.bat file and click 2Edit on the context menu. ▼ x64.bat file is executed in Notepad, and the contents of the following file are displayed. There are six… Read More »

How to install the Local Group Policy Editor(gpedit.msc) on Windows 10 Home edition《1/2》

12 Group Policy is a useful tool for making various settings such as target object registry, security, software installation, login, Internet Explorer, and so on. But, it is not available by default on Windows 10 Home Premium, because the Local Group Policy Editor(gpedit.msc) is not mounted. So here we will show you how to manually… Read More »