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How to change the date and time formats in the notification area – Windows 10

The date and time in the notification area of ​​taskbar can be displayed in various combinations with each other. The default time zone(12-hour format) is shown below in the right edge of the taskbar. ▼ For example, you can change it to “24 hour format” as below. Setting Date and Time formats On Windows10, there are… Read More »

How to adjust time synchronization interval with NTP server – setting the date and time

123 The Network Time Protocol(NTP) server used for accurate time adjustment is a server that delivers data at the current time. The interval between this NTP server and Windows time synchronization is usually one week (604,800 seconds) as the default value. The synchronization interval setting can be modified in Registry Editor. The synchronization interval is… Read More »

How to disable and hide the event calendar & the scheduling timeline shown in notification area

As a schedule management function in Windows 10(build 14393), you can check the main schedule and events of the day on the clock & calendar in the notification area. However, there is a possibility that others may see your private schedule. If this schedule information is unnecessary, you can hide it. Usually, when you click… Read More »

How to change the digital clock to analog clock shape: date and time.

123 As described in the previous section concerning the time setting in the Windows 10 OS, if you set the toggle switch of「Set time automatically」to 「ON」 in general, it will be fine as automatic setting as long as no serious problem occurs. ▼ In addition, the time setting can be moved from2Additional date, time, & regional… Read More »