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How to customize your Desktop Theme as you like – Desktop background and colors

On Windows, you can set the desktop that you want to customize using themes. The theme is a collection of background images, window colors and sounds. You can make my theme with your favorite things and change the background image and sound of PC desktop at once. Background settings: Picruew, Solid color and Slideshow You… Read More »

How to record sound from a PC using a voice recorder(sound recorder)

Usually, a recording device such as a microphone is connected to a personal computer to record external sounds, but you can also record sounds streaming from the computer using a separate Windows standard voice recorder(sound recorder). For this, it is necessary to make “Stereo mixer” “Enable“. Open Control Panel ▼ First of all, Open Control Panel.… Read More »

How to restore system files to the previous state of Windows – System Restore《1/2》

12 If your computer suddenly becomes unstable due to a problem with your PC, and your PC does not operate normally, you can restore the system to the point in time before the problem occurred. After restoring the system, you can restore Windows system files, registry, etc. to the previous state. The previous state means… Read More »

How to disable the Windows Search service in File Explorer and stop the search index

1234 You can use the search tool to find what you need in a large number of files. Indexing allows you to perform searches quickly. But, it is an unnecessary tool for users who do not use any search tools at all. Here shows how to Invalidate Windows Search index. Note that this search function… Read More »