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How to switch between Command Prompt and Windows Powershell

After a major update to the Windows 10 Creators Update(version 1703), the default shell for Windows 10 was changed from a Command Prompt to Windows PowerShell. ▼ When pressing Shortcut Windows + X key, the following Context Menu will be displayed. As below, the menu on the left is the previous menu before updating Creators Update… Read More »

How to check Wireless network Wi-Fi and Network security key

The wireless Network security key(encryption key) is the password required for the user’s PC to connect to a secure access point (such as a router) on the wireless network. ▼ The Wi-Fi key is usually written on the back of the wireless LAN router. ▼ 1Network security key: Instead of PIN, you enter the network security key… Read More »

How to Install and use the Local Group Policy Editor(gpedit.msc) in the Windows 10 Home version《2/2》

12 Rewriting user ID ▼ Now, here open the 1“C:\Windows\Temp\gpedit\” folder. From the folders shown below, we will edit the 2×64.bat file on a 64-bit system on PC ▼ 1right-click x64.bat file and click 2Edit on the context menu. ▼ x64.bat file is executed in Notepad, and the contents of the following file are displayed. There are six… Read More »