Monthly Archives: October 2017

How to make taskbar background more transparent using Registry editor in Windows 10

▼ On Windows 10, you can make color of taskbar background more “transparent”. First, click Windows Settings > 1personalization as below. ▼ In 1Colors tab, set Transparency effects toggle button to 2On to make the color of taskbar background transparent. Taskbar background ▼ ”Task Manager” window overlapped with the task bar below, but, it is impossible to raise… Read More »

How to register a favorite website on Start Menu and Start Screen

▼ With Google Chrome, you can easily add your favorite websites to 1“bookmarks” as follows: Similarly, you can register your favorite website in the Google Chrome app on the Start Menu in Windows 10. You can now open the website directly from the start menu without launching the Chrome browser. ▼ Website is registered under 1Chrome (Beta)… Read More »

How to adjust time synchronization interval with NTP server – setting the date and time

Prev123Next The Network Time Protocol (NTP) server used for accurate time adjustment is a server that delivers data at the current time. The interval between this NTP server and Windows time synchronization is usually one week (604,800 seconds) as the default value. The synchronization interval setting can be modified in Registry Editor. The synchronization interval… Read More »

How to use Windows Photo Viewer instead of Photo in Windows 10

Prev12Next The modern app program called “Photos” is used as the default app to open image files on Windows10. Easy adjustment and processing such as photograph browsing and slide show, color and brightness of the image are possible. But, the traditional classic application “Windows Photo Viewer” was not included in the default app selection. The… Read More »

How to mount and assign OneDrive as a network drive in Windows File Explorer

Microsoft’s OneDrive is an online storage service that can store data files such as documents and photos on the cloud (Internet). If you synchronize on-line OneDrive with OneDrive folder on PC, you can share data with each other. For example, if you save the file to OneDrive on your PC, it will be automatically copied… Read More »